News on TPP in Chile

April 9, 2015-Public Citizen's Burcu Kilic and Pablo Viollier in El Mostrador: Opinión: Divide y vencerás, la nueva estrategia de Estados Unidos para destrabar las negociaciones del TPP (en español)

November 19, 2013-El Mostrador: Diez razones por las que el gobierno de Chile debe detener las negociaciones del TPP

October 28, 2013- Chilean Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachelet Recommends Review of Trans Pacific Partnership Scope and Obligations

October 8, 2013-
Nació Piñera valora gira por Asia y enfatiza resguardos ante el TPP

October 3, 2013-Latercera: TPP: tolerancia cero

August 14, 2013-Chilean Senators Formally Request Public Debate on the Trans Pacific Partnership

June, 2013- International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development: El Acuerdo de Asociación Transpacífico en la política comercial chilena (links to

June 6, 2013-
La Nacion: CAFTA con esteroides

June 2, 2013-
Scoop: Chile's ex-chief negotiator drops a bombshell on TPPA (links to

May 31, 2013-
The Santiago Times: Consumer rights groups: Trans-Pacific Partnership to hurt consumers (links to

May 30, 2013-
Consumers International: Organizaciones denuncian al TPP (links to

May 23, 2013-
Naked Capitalism: Chile's Recent Lead Negotiator on Trans-Pacific Partnership Warns It Could Be a "Threat to Our Countries" (links to

May 16, 2013
- ONG Derechos Digitales: Ex jefe de negociaciones del TPP pide una posición firme y no integrarse al tratado "de calquier manera" (links to

March 28, 2013- ONG Derechos Digitales: Nueva Ronda TPP: ¿necesita Chile firmar este acuerdo? (links to

March 28, 2013- Diario Financiero: Ley de linkage podría cambiar según resultado de negociaciones del TPP (links to

March 19, 2013-Políticas Farmacéuticas: Protección de datos sobre medicamentos, ¿a quién favorece? (links to

March 1, 2013-Terra: Farmacéuticos temen que TPP afecte bajo costo de remedios (links to

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Public Citizen's Burcu Kilic and Pablo Viollier in El Mostrador: Opinión: Divide y vencerás, la nueva estrategia de Estados Unidos para destrabar las negociaciones del TPP (en español), April 9, 2015

Briefing Memo: Chile and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement - Access to Medicines Risks & Continued Bullying from USTR, April 2012
English  | Español

Dangers for Access to Medicines in the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: Comparative Analysis of the U.S. Intellectual Property Proposal and Chilean Law, April 2012
English | Español

Chart comparing pharmaceutical patent and data provisions in leaked U.S. proposals to the TPFTA, TRIPS Agreement and FTAs in negotiating countries, December 2011


Derechos Digitales Analyses:

"Chile and the TPP Negotiation: Analysis of the economic and political impact" by Carlos Furche, Former director of International Economic Relations (DIRECON),  May, 2013

Santiago Intersessional Meeting on Intellectual Property

(April 9-13, 2012)

Public Seminar: “Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)¿Avance o Retroceso?: Impacto en Acceso a Medicamentos y Conocimiento”, Centro de Extension, Universidad Catolica

Actions against the TPP in Chile

ONG Derechos Digitales launched a public campaign against the TPP. In twelve hours, more than 3,500 people sent emails to the President and his top advisers, to express their opposition to the TPP. See petition here

By March 2012, the campaign had expanded to include more than 6,000 people. Read more here (en español)

Partner Organizations



The TPP Will Also Affect Copyright Legislation and Internet Rights in Chile: Find out more

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