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January 1997  -  January 2013

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January 2013, V29#1

  • Dietary Supplements Offer Little to No Benefit and May Be Harmful
  • Consensus on Iran Sanctions Cripples Iranian Health Sector
  • Pay for Performance: Does it Backfire for Doctors and Hospitals?
  • Health Letter Issue Index, 2012
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: Court Allows Big Tobacco to Hide the Graphic Dangers of Smoking

December 2012, V28#12

  • Fungal Meningitis Outbreak Highlights the Dangers of Compounding Pharmacies
  • As Online Drug Promotion Proliferates, Regulations Lag Behind
  • A single-Payer System, Not the ACA, Is the Remedy for the National Health Crisis
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: Top Five Examples of Overdiagnosis and Unnecessary Treatment

November 2012, V28#11

  • The American Medical Association and Its Dubious Revenue Streams
  • Angioplasty Offers Little Benefit for Low-Risk Patients
  • What You Should Know About Radon in Your Home
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: Evidence of the Damaging, Expensive Results of Privatizing Medicare

October 2012, V28#10

  • To Nap or Not to Nap
  • Dangerous Lack of Evidence Characterizes Prescription Drug Use in Children
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: Deficiencies of the Texas Medical Board

September 2012, V28#9

  • Choosing Wisely Project
  • Biased Data Can Lead to Substandard Drug Treatment
  • Bereavement: A Look at the Grieving Process And How to Cope With Loss
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: Substandard Doctors Should Not Treat Louisiana Prisoners

August 2012, V28#8

  • Financial Disclosure Requirements Delayed By Obama Administration
  • Public Citizen Fights for an End To Double Standard on Drug-Label Warnings
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: Profiting from Obamacare

July 2012, V28#7

  • Underrepresentation of the Elderly In Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Measuring Blood Pressure in Both Arms Could Help Predict Risks
  • FDA’s About-Face on Financial Conflicts of Interest
  • Obama Administration Sacrifices Children To Keep Agribusiness Happy
  • Preventing Heat-Induced Death and Illness
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: Medical Center Shares Patient Information With Fundraiser

June 2012, V28#6

  • Ranking of State Medical Board Serious Disciplinary Actions, 2009-2011
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: The Personal Face of Inadequate Doctor Discipline

May 2012, V28#5

  • States in the Spotlight as Single-Payer Resurfaces in Mainstream Discourse
  • Wide Variation in Rates of Second Breast Cancer Surgery
  • Nondrug Treatments for Neck Pain Better Than Medications
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: FDA Helps Companies Exploit Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease

April 2012, V28#4

  • Industry Lobbies to Weaken Medical Device Oversight
  • Scientific Fraud on the Rise: Its Impact on Patients and Research
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: A Mystery Disease
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: Treating Sick Rich Folks

March 2012, V28#3

  • Osteoporosis Screening Needed Only Every 5 to 15 Years for Most Older Women
  • The Jungle: Meatpacking Workers, 100 Years Later
  • Being the Ghost in the Machine: A Medical Ghostwriter’s Personal View
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: Dangers of Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment

February 2012, V28#2

  • Florida Sanctions Top Medicaid Prescribers — But Only After a Shove
  • Product Recalls
  • Outrage: American Red Cross Violations

  • January 2012, V28#1

    • Child Labor: Alive and Well on American ‘Farms’
    • A More Perfect Union
    • Product Recalls
    • Health Letter Issue Index, 2011
    • Outrage: 50 Million Uninsured in the U.S. Equals 50,000+ Avoidable Deaths a Year

    • December 2011, V27#12

    • Doctor Experience Linked With Risk of Death From Carotid Artery Stenting Procedures
    • Medical-Device Approval Process Flawed, Dangerous for Patients
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: More Despicable Drug-Industry Behavior

    November 2011, V27#11

    • Obama Administration Refuses to Protect Doctors-in-Training From Dangerous Work Shifts
    • The Origins and Progress of Public Citizen’s Health Research Group: The First 40 Years
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: For Big Pharma, Crime Pays

    October 2011, V27#10

    • Workers Die From Extreme Heat, With Little Government Action
    • Second Opinions for Surgery: Avoiding Unnecessary Operations, Deaths and Expenses
    • Doctors Avoid Penalties in Suits Against Medical Firms
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Having 50 Million Uninsured Americans Is Bad Enough, But…

    September 2011, V27#9

    • Proton Pump Inhibitors: Dangerous and Habit-Forming Heartburn Drugs
    • Preventing Diabetes on a Budget
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Profiting from Disasters

    August 2011, V27#8

    • Governor Brown, Address the Poor Performance of California’s State Medical Board
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Further Arguments for Eliminating the Private U.S. Health Insurance Industry

    July 2011, V27#7

    • Criminalizing the Seriously Mentally Ill: Two Decades Later
    • Criminalizing the Seriously Mentally Ill: The Abuse of Jails as Mental Hospitals
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Hope for Delaware Emerges After Disaster for Its Children

    June 2011, V27#6

    • Ranking of State Medical Board Serious Disciplinary Actions, 2008-2010
    • How Does the Medical Industry Influence Patient Care?
    • Emails Show Drug Company Used Third-Party Medical Groups to Influence Regulators, Undercut Rivals
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Remove Dangerous Alzheimer’s Drug — Aricept 23 — from the Market Immediately

    May 2011, V27#5

    • Losing Weight Safely and Effectively
    • Fourteen Years of Deceptive Television Drug Advertising
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Unreliable Alzheimer’s Diagnoses

    April 2011, V27#4

    • Experts Who Write Highly Influential Clinical Practice Guidelines Have Significant Conflicts of Interest
    • Many Patients Undergo Unnecessary Invasive Cardiac Procedures
    • 10 Best Funded and 10 Worst Funded States in Providing Government Health Insurance Assistance
    • The Few, The Proud, The Thin
    • Inadequate NJBME Action Against Physicians Disciplined by Hospitals
    • Product Recalls
    • National Cancer Institute's Helpline: A Valuable, Underused Resource
    • Outrage: Patient Advocacy Groups and Drug Company Funding

    March 2011, V27#3

    • Patients at Risk: Medical Boards Fail to Discipline Almost 6,000 Physicians With Hospital Sanctions
    • Beware of Fraudulent ‘Dietary Supplements’
    • Proud, Safe Gun Owners Want Their Right to Bear Arms Privately
    • Our Unsafe Health Care System Is the Issue, Not Caps on Tort Settlements
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Atomic (Nuclear) Power

    February 2011, V27#2

    • Breast Implants and Cancer Revisited: Plastic Surgeons Cover Up New Evidence of Human Cancer From Implants
    • National Cancer Institute’s Helpline: A Valuable, Underused Resource
    • Pharma’s War on Kids
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: War’s Adverse Impacts

    January 2011, V27#1

    • Can Drugs Make Americans Lose Weight? Not Likely
    • Aspirin-Induced Reye’s Syndrome: A Preventable Cause of Death
    • Health Letter Volume Index, 2010
    • Product Recalls
    • If a Drug Is New, Does That Make It Better?
    • Cholera in Haiti: A Look From the Trenches
    • Outrage: Governor Scott of Florida

    December 2010, V26#12

    • Treating the Common Cold (Without Making Yourself Sicker)
    • Skin Cancer Doesn’t Discriminate (Suggestions to Prevent Skin Cancer)
    • Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Teens Singled Out For Punishment: Study in Leading Pediatric Journal Finds Unfair Treatment Nationwide
    • Early Stage Breast Cancer: More or Fewer Psychological Problems after More or Less Surgery
    • Thirteen Dirty Big Pharma Tricks That Rip You Off and Risk Your Health for Profit
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Pharmaceutical Industry Is Biggest Defrauder of the Federal Government under the False Claims Act, New Public Citizen Study Finds

    November 2010, V26#11

    • Know When Antibiotics Work
    • HHS Report Is a Wake-Up Call to Fix National Patient Safety Crisis
    • The Risks of Tranquility
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Holding Executives Accountable for Corporate Wrongdoing

    October 2010, V26#10

    • In the Public Interest — Abuses From the ‘Merchant Class’
    • Television Leads to Obese Children
    • Nine Essential Steps for Regulating Your Blood Pressure
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: U.S. Troops: More Deaths Related to Prescription Drugs

    September 2010, V26#9

    • OSHA Must Regulate Resident Physician Work Hours
    • Why Are Troops Killing Themselves?
    • Second Opinions for Surgery: Avoiding Unnecessary Operations, Deaths and Expenses
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: The Health Insurance Industry

    August 2010, V26#8

    • JAMA Survey Finds Doctors Unwilling to Report Negligent Peers
    • Cracks in FDA’s Medical Device Approval Process Allow Unproven Devices to Slip Through
    • In the Public Interest
    • To Mitch McConnell: We’re Already Rationing Care
    • Guidelines for the Perplexed
    • Practical Diabetes Tips for the Budget-Conscious
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Don’t Get Sick in July

    July 2010, V26#7

    • Public Strongly Supports Substantially Reducing Work Hours for Resident Physicians, New Research Finds
    • Patient Safety Advocates Give Plan to Reform Medical Residency a Failing Grade
    • 10 Things You Need to Know About Healthcare Reform
    • A Doctor’s Word: Deciphering the New Mammography Guidelines
    • Product Recalls
    • Remembering the Flexner Report as a Drug Firm Pays $520 Million for Misleading Marketing
    • Outrage: They Said What?!

    June 2010, V26#6

    • FDA-Sanctioned International Diabetes Drug Trial Is Unethical and Dangerous, Must Be Stopped
    • Severely Mentally Ill More Likely to Be in Jails Than Hospitals, Report Shows
    • Product Recalls
    • A Doctor’s Word: How to Keep Your Blood Pressure Down
    • Outrage: Crime in the Pharma Suites

    May 2010, V26#5

    • Obama’s Reform: No Cure for What Ails Us
    • Guide to Avoiding Unnecessary Cesarean Sections in New York State
    • Health, Life Insurers Hold $1.88 Billion in Fast-Food Stocks
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: The Continuing Saga of Avandia: Paid Cheerleaders for the Drug

    April 2010, V26#4

    • Misprescribing and Overprescribing of Drugs
    • Ten Rules for Safer Drug Use
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: FDA Cautious on Food Safety, Reckless on Drug Safety

    March 2010, V26#3

    • Patient Safety Advocates Launch Campaign to Reduce Resident Physician Fatigue, Boost Patient Safety
    • Letter to the ACGME RE: Optimizing Medical Resident Schedules to Improve Patient Safety
    • The Global Research Neglect of Unassisted Smoking Cessation: Causes and Consequences
    • What You Should Know About Low Back Pain
    • What You Should Know About Migraine
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: “Botox Injections Helpful for Depression?”

    February 2010, V26#2

    • Harvard Researchers: Health Information Technology Savings Will Only Occur With a Single-Payer Health System
    • Morton Mintz: Taking Aim at Insurance Execs’ Pay
    • Neonatal Circumcision for HIV Prevention: Cost, Culture and Behavioral Considerations
    • Health and Disease in People over 85: Despite Disease, Disability is Low
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Everybody In, Nobody Out (That Means Immigrants Too!)

    January 2010, V26#1

    • Mandatory Disclosure of Pharmaceutical Industry-Funded Events for Health Professionals
    • Health Letter Volume Index, 2009
    • Opposition to Prophylactic Removal of Third Molars (Wisdom Teeth)
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Tamiflu? More Like Scamiflu!

    December 2009, V25#12

    • What Happened in Health Care in 2009
    • The Price We Pay for Uninsurance
    • Analysis of USPSTF 2009 Revised Breast Cancer Screening Recommendations
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: The Case of Neurontin: Skewed Research in the Service of Selling

    November 2009, V25#11

    • Health Reform: Where Will the Money Come From?
    • Product Recalls
    • Harvard Study Finds Nearly 45,000 Excess Deaths Annually Linked to Lack of Health Coverage
    • Outrage: AHIP’s Actuarial Acrobatics

    October 2009, V25#10

    • The Uninsured in the United States: What the Rise to 46.3 Million Means
    • Public Citizen Proposes Basic Patient Safety Reforms that Would Save 85,000 Lives and $35 Billion a Year
    • A Review of Homeopathy
    • Product Recalls
    • Health Debate or Health Charade?
    • Outrage: Drug Company Inducements to Doctors: Not Par for the Course

    September 2009, V25#9

    • Obama Administration Must Make Disciplinary Records of Nurses, Health Workers Available to Hospitals, Nursing Homes
    • Letter Urging Secretary Sebelius to Provide Hospitals and Nursing Homes Access to Names of Disciplined Nurses and Other Health Workers
    • A Call to Action: Why We Need Medical Resident Work Hour Reform
    • Product Recalls
    • Are We Now Twice as Sad? The Drug Industry and Doctors Think We Are!
    • Outrage: Ghostly Prescriptions

    August 2009, V25#8

    • Dr. Sidney Wolfe’s Testimony before Subcommittee on Health at Hearing on Health Insurance
    • Dr. Steffie Woolhandler’s Testimony before Health Subcommittee at Hearing on Health Insurance
    • Letter to the Editor of the Washington Post Regarding the Coverage of the Recent Congressional Hearing on Single-Payer
    • Ineffectual Medical Treatments Misleadingly Produce “Good” Results
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Medical Publisher Offers Bribes for Writing Favorable Book Reviews

    July 2009, V25#7

    • Q & A on the Current Health Debate: What Does a ‘Public Plan Option’ Mean and Why Does Public Citizen Oppose it?
    • Hospitals Drop the Ball on Physician Oversight
    • A Dictionary of Health Policy Terms, Part III
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Language Matters: Poor Communication Can Mean Poor Health Care

    June 2009, V25#6

    • Vermont’s Pharmaceutical Laws Move Toward Fuller Disclosure
    • What is Comparative Effectiveness Research, and Why is it Being Badmouthed?
    • Intro to Comparative Health Systems
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: A Coalition of the Scared

    May 2009, V25#5

    • Public Citizen’s Health Research Group Ranking of the Rate of State Medical Boards’ Serious Disciplinary Actions, 2006-2008
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Psychoprostitution

    April 2009, V25#4

    • Stretching the TARP to Cover Health Care
    • Bereavement: A Look at the Grieving Process and How to Cope with Loss
    • Product Recalls
    • How Much Is A Year of Your Life Worth?
    • WARNING: MRI Scans May Burn Patients Wearing Transdermal Drug Patches
    • Outrage: High Deductibles for Limited Eligibles

    March 2009, V25#3

    • Massachusetts’ Plan: A Failed Model for Health Care Reform
    • Product Recalls
    • Having Health Insurance Does Not Mean Having Health Care
    • Public Hospitals, Community Clinics Suffering Under Massachusetts Health Care Reform
    • Outrage: Ending the Insanity of Failed State Health Insurance Reforms

    February 2009, V25#2

    • Our Perfectly Designed U.S. Healthcare System
    • Public Citizen Endorses Single Payer National Health System, Joins Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Health Care
    • U.S. Inmates Suffer from Chronic Illness and Poor Access to Health Care
    • Informed Consent and Shared Decision-Making
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: “Morning After” Contraception Too Difficult to Get

    January 2009, V25#1

    • Single Payer Health Care in Taiwan: Borrowing Ideas, Improving on Medicare
    • Health Letter Volume Index, 2008
    • Indulgence and Innovation in Medical Care
    • Product Recalls
    • Smokeless Tobacco: Rebranding Nicotine, Repackaging Death
    • Outrage: Full Body Scams: Not Your Source for Peace of Mind


    December 2008, V24#12

    • In Case You Missed It: What Happened in Health in 2008
    • Calculating Your Risk of Death from Disease and Accidents
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Is the Uterus a Pre-Existing Condition?

    November 2008, V24#11

    • The Uninsured in the United States: What the Drop to 45.7 Million Means
    • Pharma Should Not Foot the Bill for Your Doctor’s Continuing Medical Education
    • Weighing Conscience Protection Against a Patient’s Right to Information
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Mongering Diseases to Hawk Pills: The Case of Fibromyalgia

    October 2008, V24#10

    • A Tale of Three Cities: Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Premature Mortality in the District of Columbia, 2005
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Big Tobacco Targets College Students

    September 2008, V24#9

    • Long-Term Care Insurance: Perennial Questions, Updated Answers
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Athletic Prowess and the Doping of Consumers

    August 2008, V24#8

    • Unseen Payoffs and the Poverty of Prevention
    • Just How Does the U.S. Health Care System Stack Up?
    • Product Recalls
    • "Mistakes Were Made": Disclosing Medical Errors
    • Outrage: Botox, Mark Spitz, Nadia Comenici and Willie Nelson

    July 2008, V24#7

    • What Are Presidential Candidates (And Their Advisors) Talking About? Part II
    • Macular Degeneration
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Why is Darvon (Darvocet/propoxyphene) Still Around, Hurting People?

    June 2008, V24#6

    • Drug Research: To Test or to Tout?
    • Backsliding on Childhood Immunizations
    • Public Citizen Urges Removal of Ortho-Evra Patch from Market
    • Product Recalls
    • Study Finds New Blood Substitutes Increase Risk of Death, Heart Attacks; Authors Question FDA’s Approval Process, Records Access
    • Outrage: Human Experimentation and Speedy For-Profit Ethical Review Boards

    May 2008, V24#5

    • Health Policy Placebos
    • Physician Support for National Health Insurance on the Rise
    • Public Citizen’s Health Research Group Ranking of the Rate of State Medical Boards’ Serious Disciplinary Actions, 2005-2007
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: "Physician, Heal Thyself" Not Always Simple

    April 2008, V24#4

    • Medical Errors and State Reporting of Adverse Events
    • Public Citizen Testifies on Drug Safety Before Congress
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Unnecessary Medical Radiation: Children the Most Vulnerable

    March 2008, V24#3

    • Medical Records: Q&A
    • Public Citizen Launches Now Blog
    • Market-Based Failure: A Second Opinion on U.S. Health Care Costs
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Scarce Kidneys: Why U.S. Transplantation Policies Are Inherently Inequitable and How They Can Be Changed

    February 2008, V24#2

    • Lost in Translation: Why the Highly-Touted Dutch Health System Would Not Be a Good Idea for the U.S.
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Drug Industry Spends Almost Twice As Much on Promotion of Drugs As on Research

    January 2008, V24#1

    • Boundaries Without Barriers: Cross-Border Health in the European Union
    • Product Recalls
    • Health Letter Volume Index 2007 and Cumulative Index
    • Outrage: Pay for Performance: Incentives Gone Awry

    December 2007, V23#12

    • What Happened in U.S. Health Care in 2007?
    • Update on Avandia
    • Product Recalls
    • MedWatch
    • Outrage: Illegal Kickbacks From Artificial Knee and Hip Manufacturers to Orthopedic Surgeons

    November 2007, V23#11

    • Rethinking Health Care for the Elderly
    • More Than A Prayer for Single Payer
    • Product Recalls
    • Another U.S. Go-It-Alone Policy
    • Outrage: "Reminder Ads": Innuendo Minus Information

    October 2007, V23#10

    • Equal Pay for Equal Work? Not For Medicaid Doctors
    • Hoodia: Another Weight Loss Scam
    • Product Recalls
    • Research as Public Relations
    • Outrage: Are Hospitals Making Us Sicker?

    September 2007, V23#9

    • Improving Public Access to Clinical Trial Information
    • Scapegoating Immigrants
    • Product Recalls
    • The Latest Data on the Uninsured
    • Outrage: Manipulating the Hispanic Market: The Case of Viagra

    August 2007, V23#8

    • What Are The Presidential Candidates Talking About?: A Brief Dictionary of Health Policy Terms
    • Product Recalls
    • Now, Let the Victim Beware
    • Taming Technology
    • Outrage: Our Health Care System

    July 2007, V23#7

    • Q&A on the Human Papilloma Virus Vaccine Gardasil
    • Product Recalls
    • Organ Donations: What Price, The Priceless?
    • Taming the Giant Corporation
    • Outrage: PDUFA: Buying Votes, Selling Unsafe Products

    June 2007, V23#6

    • Public Citizen’s Ranking of State Medical Boards’ Serious Disciplinary Actions, 2004-2006
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Avandia: Not-So-New News of Heart Problems With the Popular Diabetes Drug

    May 2007, V23#5

    • Back to Basics: Clean Water as a Medical Milestone
    • Doctors and Drug Company Favors
    • Drugs for Weight Loss
    • Product Recalls
    • Do Not Use Dextromethorphan
    • Outrage: What’s Wrong With This Story?: Pharmaceutical Company Files Sales Director for Telling the Truth

    April 2007, V23#4

    • Unsettling Scores: A Ranking of State Medicaid Programs
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Walling Off Medicaid Beneficiaries

    March 2007, V23#3

    • Public Citizen Petitions FDA to Ban Third-Generation Oral Contraceptives
    • Product Recalls
    • Cough and Cold Meds Send Babies to Hospital
    • American Life Expectancy on Rise
    • Colds: How to Treat Them
    • Outrage: And The Oscar for Best Drugumentary Goes To…

    February 2007, V23#2

    • Medicaid @ 40: Why It Matters
    • Work and Wellness: Collusion or Collision?
    • A Statement by Dr. Sidney Wolfe, Health Letter’s Editor-in-Chief
    • Conflicts of Interest: An Issue That Will Not Go Away
    • Product Recalls
    • Conflicts of Interest Among Clinical Investigators
    • Outrage: Essay: What’s Making Us Sick Is an Epidemic of Diagnoses

    January 2007, V23#1

    • Dr. Wolfe’s Diet Revolution
    • Product Recalls
    • Health Letter Volume Index 2006 and Cumulative Index
    • Outrage: Conflicts of Interest: The Hidden Side of Science

    December 2006, V22#12

    • Report of Doctor Disciplinary Information on State Web Sites: A Survey and Ranking of State Medical and Osteopathic Board Web Sites in 2006
    • Product Recalls
    • What If We Were Equal?

    November 2006, V22#11

    • New York City’s Answer to the Diabetes Epidemic: Screen, Trace, Track and Act: More Public Health, Fewer Pharmaceuticals
    • A Broader Context: Diabetes in the United States and in the World
    • What is Diabetes?
    • Bogus Cures for Diabetes on the Internet
    • The New York City Department of Health’s Recommendations for Living with Diabetes
    • Product Recalls
    • Diabetes in the U.S.: The Epidemic in Numbers
    • Placing the Promise of Prevention in Context: The Case against the Diabetes Drug Rosiglatizone (Avandia) 

    October 2006, V22#10

    • Crime and Punishment, Medical Style
    • The US FDA at a Crossroads
    • No “Alternative”
    • Product Recalls
    • The Number of Uninsured in the United States Reaches 46.6 Million

    September 2006, V22#9

    • The Changing Dynamics of C-Sections in the United States: Cesarean Delivery on Maternal Request: Part II
    • Patients Without Borders:: The Emergence of Medical Tourism: Part II
    • The “Ultimate Prize” for Big Tobacco: Opening the Chinese Cigarette Market by Cigarette Smuggling
    • Product Recalls
    • Fairness Creams in South Asia: A Case of Disease Mongering?

    August 2006, V22#8

    • Health Care Reform in the United States: Arguments for a Single Payer System
    • The Changing Dynamics of C-Sections in the United States: Part I
    • Product Recalls
    • Pharmaceutical Marketing and the Invention of the Medical Consumer

    July 2006, V22#7

    • Patients Without Borders: The Emergence of Medical Tourism
    • Study Finds Many Favor A Single Payer System
    • Product Recalls
    • Much-Needed Corrective Lenses for the “Clinical Eye”
    • Laser Therapy for Smoking: Shining a Laser on Bad Advertising Practices
    • The Growing Gap in Reproductive Health

    June 2006, V22#6

    • Public Citizen’s Health Research Group Ranking of State Medical Board Disciplinary Actions: 2003-2005
    • Poll: People Understand Systemic Problems at FDA
    • Product Recalls
    • Exercise Status and Future Dementia
    • Study Finds Glucosamine, Chondroitin Ineffective for Joint Pain
    • Outrage: Pharmaceuticals Need Price Controls

    May 2006, V22#5

    • The Fight against Disease Mongering
    • From Unease to Disease
    • Blurring the Boundaries between Health and Illness
    • Product Recalls
    • Massachusetts’ Mistake

    April 2006, V22#4

    • Hearing Aids: Why Medicare Should Provide Coverage
    • Despite New Study, Crestor Should Not Be Prescribed
    • Product Recalls
    • Chromium Industry Withheld Data from OSHA
    • Outrage: Darvon and Darvocet: What Are They Thinking?

    March 2006, V22#3

    • Drugs Used to Treat High Blood Pressure
    • Elevated Cholesterol Levels
    • Who Needs Nondietary Potassium Supplementation?
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Health Care Quality?

    February 2006, V22#2

    • High Blood Pressure
    • The High Cost of Cancer Treatment
    • Product Recalls
    • Preventing Dementia with Exercise
    • Outrage: Why Over-the-Counter? Diet Drug Poses Risks, Questionable Benefits

    January 2006, V22#1

    • Saving Money When Buying Prescription Drugs: Part III: Caution When Purchasing Drugs on the Internet
    • Recall Update
    • Product Recalls
    • Health Letter Volume Index 2004 and Cumulative Index
    • Outrage: Medicare Part D: What Benefit?

    December 2005, V21#12

    • Drivel from the Drug Industry/U.S. Government Axis
    • Saving Money When Buying Prescription Drugs, Part II: Generic Drugs
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Second Chances: Big Tobacco Enters the Health Care Industry

    November 2005, V21#11

    • Curbing the Influence of the Drug Industry: A British View
    • Saving Money When Buying Prescription Drugs
    • Product Recalls
    • Public Citizen Writes of Drug Company Deception in Lancet Medical Journal
    • FDA Reverses Course of Needle Sticks, Shows Profound Indifference to Worker Health
    • Outrage: Helping Drug Reps Serve You Better: National Healthcare Census

    October 2005, V21#10

    • FDA Device Regulation Leaves Unsafe Products on Market: Public Citizen Petitions for Better Rules
    • Antibiotic Clarithromycin (BIAXIN) Can Have Deadly Interaction with Anti-Gout Drug Colchicine
    • Product Recalls
    • Three Misleading Direct-to-Consumer Ad Campaigns
    • Insurers Have it Wrong on Malpractice—Again
    • Industry Drug Guidelines Will Do Little to Prevent Misleading Ads

    September 2005, V21#9

    • New “Diseases”: Often Invented by Drug Industry Marketing Departments to Sell You Drugs
    • Ten Additional Causes of Medical Malpractice Lawsuits
    • Preventing the Epidemic of Skin Cancer: A Guide for Protecting Yourself and Your Family
    • Product Recalls
    • Asthma Medicines That Can Cause Asthma Attacks: Do Not Use Serevent, Advair, or Foradil
    • Outrage: FDA Denial of Public Citizen’s Petition to Ban Meridia is Misguided

    August 2005, V21#8

    • Sleight-of-Hand: Merck Contemplated Vioxx Reformulation in 2000 While Denying Risk
    • Can I Buy You Dinner? Pharmaceutical Companies Increasingly Use Doctors’ Talks as Sales Pitches
    • Product Recalls
    • Pennsylvania Data Show Large Number of Hospital-Acquired Infections
    • Decreased Child Mortality a Possibility with Appropriate Funding, Study Shows
    • FDA Issues Guidelines for Consumer Prescription Drug Information
    • FDA Approves Depression Device Without Proof of Effectiveness
    • Outrage: Warning: Contains FDA-Approved Drug…

    July 2005, V21#7

    • Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies
    • Scientific Misconduct: Rare or Rampant?
    • Product Recalls
    • Successfully Pushing Paxil on Television
    • Outrage: Drug Rep (salesman) vs. Dr. Grobstein

    June 2005, V21#6

    • Ranking the State Medical Boards’ Serious Disciplinary Actions: 2002-2004
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Repeat Malpractice Offenders Compromise Patient Safety

    May 2005, V21#5

    • In Memoriam: Bill Hines, 1917-2005
    • “…Makes You Stop and Think”
    • Product Recalls
    • HMO-Medicare Crisis: Is Health Insurance for the Elderly on the Way Out?
    • Outrage: The Causes of Misprescribing and Overprescribing

    April 2005, V21#4

    • George A. Silver, M.D., 1913-2005: In Memoriam
    • Misprescribing and Overprescribing of Drugs
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: The Problem Is…

    March 2005, V21#3

    • Medical Liability Reform? FDA Does Not Adequately Protect Consumers
    • Illness and Medical Bills Cause Half of All Bankruptcies
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Get the Lead Out

    February 2005, V21#2

    • Nine Reasons Why Older Adults Are More Likely Than Younger Adults to Have Adverse Drug Reactions
    • Product Recalls
    • Bereavement
    • Outrage: Take Drugs Off the Market

    January 2005, V21#1

    • Health Care: Beyond Markets
    • Product Recalls
    • Health Letter Volume Index 2004 and Cumulative Index
    • Outrage: HHS Fails to Warn About Preventing Falls in Older Adults

    December 2004, V20#12

    • Single Payer: Good for Business
    • The View From Vermont

    November 2004, V20#11

    • America’s Neglected Veterans: 1.7 Million Who Served Have No Health Coverage
    • Blockbuster Arthritis Drug Rofecoxib (VIOXX) Withdrawn From Market: Worst Pills, Best Pills News Readers Warned in 2001: DO NOT USE
    • Screening for Colon Cancer: Insurance Coverage Still Spotty
    • “Stealth PACs” Give Drug Industry Big Bang for Its Bucks

    October 2004, V20#10

    • Cheap Trick: Bush’s health-savings accounts are a bargain—provided you never get injured or sick
    • You Have Reached the Medicare Program. Please Hold for the Next Available Source of Inaccurate Information.
    • Discovering Health Care Fraud and “Telling”: Whistleblowers  

    September 2004, V20#9

    • Blood Safety
    • Why is the U.S. So Far Behind on Prescription Drug Price Controls?
    • DO NOT USE! Lawsuit Reveals Serious Safety Problems With The Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug (NSAID) Valdecoxib (BEXTRA)
    • Even Moderate Amounts of Exercise Can Prevent Weight Gain
    • DO NOT USE! Long-Term Treatment with The Alzheimer’s Disease Drug Donepezil (ARICEPT) Ineffective
    • Weapons of Mass Destruction and Medicine

    August 2004, V20#8

    • The People Have Spoken: The Drug Industry Doesn’t Serve Us Well
    • Boutique Medicine (Concierge Care) Revisited
    • Doctor Bribing in Italy
    • Suicide Risk Added To The Professional Product Labeling For Eight Antidepressants
    • DO NOT USE—Save Your Money: Dextromethorphan (DELSYM or generic) Or Diphenhydramine (BENADRYL or generic) Ineffective for Nighttime Cough in Children
    • Outrage: Medizine: Drug Ads Masquerading as News

    July 2004, V20#7

    • The High Costs of For-Profit Care
    • It Takes Two to Tango (or to Bribe): Big-Time Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry with the Help of Doctors
    • Regular Exercise May Prolong Your Life
    • The Wild, Wild Web for Prescription Drugs
    • Outrage: Breast Implants as High School Graduation Presents: Just Poor Parenting or Child Abuse?

    June 2004, V20#6

    • Patent Fiction
    • National Health Insurance: Falling Expectations and the Safety Net
    • DO NOT USE! Dangerous Drug for Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Constipation Predominant Tegaserod (ZELNORM)
    • Improper Antibiotic Treatment for Bladder Infections
    • Outrage: Serious and Growing Problem of Antibiotic Resistance

    May 2004, V20#5

    • Public Citizen’s Health Research Group Ranking of State Medical board Serious Disciplinary Actions in 2003
    • The Antidepressant Fluoxetine (PROZAC) and Suicidal Ideation—Déjà vu 1991
    • Saline Spray: Do Try This at Home
    • Outrage: FDA Frustrates the Intent of Congress for 17 Years

    April 2004, V20#4

    • Prescriptions and Profit
    • Publicity about Recent Studies on the Cholesterol-lowering Statin Drugs: Misinterpretations
    • Direct-to-Consumer Advertising: Bad News for Most Patients and Doctors
    • Comments of a Canadian Doctor: After 10 years, has anything really changed for the better?
    • Outrage: Serious Concerns about a Portable Ventilator (respirator)

    March 2004, V20#3

    • Overselling Donepezil (ARICEPT) and Exploiting Patients with Alzheimers Disease: Why Isn’t The FDA Stopping These Ads?
    • New Jersey Slow to Police Problem Physicians
    • Outrage: Kidney Dialysis Facilities: Serious Problems of Compliance with Medicare Quality Standards

    February 2004, V20#2

    • Study Shows National Health Insurance Could Save $286 Billion on Health Care Paperwork
    • Product Recalls
    • Canada Outdoes U.S. on Flu Vaccine Policy
    • How to Achieve Positive Results Without Really Lying
    • Outrage: AARP and Medicare Legislation

    January 2004, V20#1

    • Breast Cancer: New Information About Screening Mammography and Genetics
    • Product Recalls
    • Health Letter Volume Index 2003 and Cumulative Index
    • Outrage: National Institute of Mental health Fails to Fund Important Mental Health Research

    December 2003, V19#12

    • Documentary Shows Problems in Pharmaceutical Industry, FDA
    • Product Recalls
    • FDA Issues Public Health Advisory On Antidepressants and Suicide Risk in Children
    • How to Report Adverse Reactions to the FDA
    • Outrage: Do Not Use: Dangerous Antidepressant Nefazodone (SERZONE) Withdrawn From the Market in Canada

    November 2003, V19#11

    • A Conversation With Sheldon Krimsky: Uncoupling Campus and Company
    • Advertising Dietary Supplements on the Internet: Supplementing Income Rather than
    • Health
    • Product Recalls
    • Do Not Use: Asthma Drug Montelukast (SINGULAIR) for the Treatment of Hay Fever
    • Outrage: We Have Met the Enemy and He is Us

    October 2003, V19#10

    • A New Health Care Gimmick: Concierge Medicine
    • Do Not Use: Rosuvastatin (CRESTOR) — A New But More Dangerous Cholesterol-Lowering “Statin” Drug
    • A Reminder About the Dangerous of Aspirin and Reye’s Syndrome
    • Product Recalls
    • Meridia — Weight Loss or Health Loss?
    • Outrage: Food and Drug Disaster

    September 2003, V19#9

    • Sweetening the Pill
    • CPSC Says Consumers Continue to Use Dangerous Products Despite Recalls, Warnings
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: FDA-Approved Patient Information Needed

    August 2003, V19#8

    • Profitably Inventing New Diseases The pharmaceutical industry cashes in by "creating" diseases
    • Secret No More Medicare investigation results now fair game
    • Product Recalls From sunscreen to extension cords: watch out!
    • Bad Medicine Why Bush's malpractice policy will only help insurers
    • Outrage of the month Taxol: How the NIH gave away the store

    July 2003, V19#7

    • The Big Fix: A Book Review: How the pharmaceutical industry rips off American consumers
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage of the Month: How Bayer shipped HIV-containing blood products to Asia and Latin America

    June 2003, V19#6

    • Doctor, Advocate, Activist
    • Health Research Group Ranks Medical Boards
    • Product Recalls
    • Resisting Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
    • Outrage: Democracy by Disclosure: A Book Review

    May 2003, V19#5

    • Ephedra: Scientific Evidence Versus Money/Politics
    • Calcium By Any Other Name is Still Calcium
    • Bereavement
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: The Uncovering of an Undercoder: A Story of Medicine Triumphant

    April 2003, V19#4

    • Cost, Quality and Choice: Winning Less Expensive, Better Quality Health Care For America
    • Affordable Reform That Benefits Patients
    • The Dangers of Some Screening Tests
    • A Free Ride for Bad Doctors
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Nexium Offers Unique Advantage Over Generic Omeprazole

    March 2003, V19#3

    • Selling "New" Drugs Using Smoke and Mirror (Images)
    • Foggy Thinking as Inhaled Flu Vaccine Nears FDA Approval
    • Product Recalls
    • MedWatch Reporting Form
    • Outrage: U.S. Air Force Flies High on Dexedrine

    February 2003, V19#2

    • Medical Errors, Not Lawsuits, are Real Cause of Rising Malpractice Insurance Premiums
    • Inadequate Doctor Discipline by State Medical Boards
    • Government Publishes Adult Immunization Schedule
    • Product Recalls
    • Tamoxifen for Breast Cancer Prevention?
    • Outrage: Wanna Quit Smoking? Who you Gonna Call? Philip Morris?

    January 2003, V19#1

    • "Neglected to Death:" The Scandalous Condition of American Nursing Homes
    • Product Recalls
    • Phyllis McCarthy Annual Public Interest Award
    • Health Letter Volume Index, 2002 and Cumulative Index
    • Remedies Needed to Address the Pathology in Reporting Adverse Reactions and Food and Drug Administration Use of Reports

    December 2002, V18#12

    • 25,00 U.S. Deaths a Year Because of For-Profit Kidney Dialysis
    • Low Quality HMOs Hide Performance Data from Public, Says Journal of the American Medical Association Study
    • Blind to the Data: OSHA Looks the Other Way as Workers Exposed to Hexavalent Chromium
    • Product Recalls
    • Drug Safety Withdrawals: Who is Responsible for Notifying Patients?
    • "Dangerous Political Cowardice:" FDA Fails to Ban Dietary Supplement Ephedra
    • Outrage: The Corruptible Academic-Industry Partnership

    November 2002, V18#9

    • Unsafe Drugs: Congressional Silence is Deadly (Part 2)
    • FDA Caves In to Industry, Fails to Adequately Address Tylenol Overdoses
    • Product Recalls
    • High Blood Pressure in the Physician’s Office?
    • Alzheimer’s Disease: Major Market Here to Stay
    • Outrage: GAO Report Backs Link Between Drug User Fees and Higher Rate of Drug Withdrawals

    October 2002, V18#8

    • ADAPT Trial for Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention Should Be Canceled
    • Will a Vitamin a Day Keep the Doctor Away?
    • Questionable Doctors Online
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Strange Bedfellows: How the Tobacco and Drug Industries Collaborated to Undermine Anti-Smoking Efforts

    September 2002, V18#8

    • The Invisible Plague: The Rise of Mental Illness from 1750 to the Present
    • Update on the Illegal Promotion of Gabapentin (Neurontin)
    • Product Recalls 
    • Pressure On to Ban Ephedra
    • West Nile Virus Activity
    • Outrage: Health Research Group Asks for Metabolife President to be Investigated

    August 2002, V18#8

    • Ethical Implications of Cosmetic Surgery for Aging
    • Product Recalls
    • Is Your Doctor Selling You to the Highest Bidder?
    • Hormone Replacement Therapy
    • Outrage: "It’s Botox Night at Hopkins"

    July 2002, V18#7

    • Big Pharma Buys Psychiatry: An Aura of Scandal
    • Product Recalls
    • Conflict of Interest?
    • Nicotine Lollipops: Sweet, Addictive and Illegal
    • Ten Years Ago Today
    • Outrage: Department of Health and Human Services Fails to Ban Ephedra or Issue Adequate Warnings

    June 2002, V18#6

    • Questionable Doctors Online: Disciplined Doctor Resource Debuts on Public Citizen Web Site in June
    • Understanding Risks — and the Risks You Run by Misunderstanding Them
    • Overworked Doctors Walk Off the Job
    • Product Recalls
    • Preventing Heat Induced Death and Illness
    • Outrage: New Study: Wait Seven Years to Use New Drugs

    May 2002, V18#5

    • Public Citizen’s Health Research Group Ranking of State Medical Board Disciplinary Actions in 2001
    • Survey of Doctor Disciplinary Information on State Web Sites
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Possible Corruption at the American Heart Association

    April 2002, V18#4

    • Saving Your Sight — Early Detection is Critical
    • Nursing Homes: More Can Be Done to Protect Residents from Abuse
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: No Care for the Care Givers

    March 2002, V18#3

    • Direct-To-Consumer Advertising — Education or Emotion Promotion?
    • Analysis: HMOs Try New Approach to Keep Drug Cost Down
    • Rx Needed for Medical Journals
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: We Wish this Hospital Well

    February 2002, V18#2

    • The Destruction of Medicine by Market Forces: Teaching Acquiescence or Resistance and Change?
    • Good Business Suggestions [Business Week on controlling drug costs]
    • Product Recalls
    • Health Research Group Asks New Mexico to Sanction Doctor
    • New Study Shows Low Income Minority Seniors Restrict Use of Prescription Drugs
    • What Ails the Mass. Board of Medicine?
    • FDA Action on Red Cross Long Overdue
    • Canadians Begin Recall of Dangerous Drug Supplement Ephedra
    • Outrage: The AMA Does It Again

    January 2002, V18#1

    • What’s New In Screening Mammography
    • Product Recalls
    • Clearing the Smoke from Low-Tar and Nicotine Cigarettes
    • Health Letter Volume Index 2001 and Cumulative Index
    • Outrage: Oops — Did It Again (or, Escondido in Escondido)

    December 2001, V17#12

    • "You Can’t Leap a Chasm in Two Jumps"
    • Product Recalls
    • "...Makes You Stop and Think!"
    • Philip Morris Brags About its Killer Cigarettes
    • Living and Dying
    • DEA Promotes Public Citizen Information
    • Outrage: "I Have Never Seen Anything Like This"

    November 2001, V17#11

    • Insufficient Credits
    • Drugs for Possible Exposure to Anthrax: What Makes Sense?
    • An Epidemic of Lung Disease Caused by a Quarter-Century of Government Inaction
    • Product Recalls
    • Colds: How to Treat Them
    • Outrage: The Lupron Loophole — and the Doctors Who Exploited It

    October 2001, V17#10

    • Health Care Reform Coming? Don’t Bet the Farm On It
    • Unsafe Drugs: Congressional Silence Is Deadly
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Do Not Use Ephedra

    September 2001, V17#9

    • Criminal Charges Should Be Filed Against Schering-Plough
    • Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Ads: Illegal, Unethical or Both
    • Below the Beltway
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Crouching Government, Hidden Snake Oil

    August 2001, V17#8

    • In Memory of Our Colleague Henry Bergman
    • Questionable Hospitals
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Darvon, Darvocet, Darvon Compound

    July 2001, V17#7

    • Hormone Therapy: Doubts Grow
    • Drug Companies’ Antics Can Really Make You Sick
    • Product Recalls
    • Why Doesn’t the Government Know About These Doctors?
    • Outrage: "Operation Cure.All" Wages New Battle in Ongoing War Against Internet Fraud

    June 2001, V17#6

    • Public Citizen Petitions OSHA to Limit Residents’ Working Hours
    • Preventing Heat-Induced Death and Illness
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Lontronex and the FDA: A Fatal Erosion of Integrity

    May 2001, V17#5

    • Public Citizen’s Health Research Group Ranking of State Medical Board
    • Disciplinary Actions in 2000
    • How to Reduce the Risk of Mad Cow Disease in the United States
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Dietary Supplements: The FDA Should Do More

    April 2001, V17#4

    • Latin America: the Answer to Drug Companies' Problems?
    • Election 2000 Commentators
    • Product Recalls
    • One Drug Company -- Shering-Plough -- Faces Massive Recalls
    • High Drug Prices for Research or Profit?
    • Is This Doc Deadly? His Practice Hasn't Been Perfect
    • Outrage: CASHCOW -- Here a Moo, There a Moo

    March 2001, V17#3

    • Is the U.S. Safe from Mad Cow Disease? Could We Be Safer?
    • Still Hard to Swallow
    • Product Recalls
    • It's the Calories that Count
    • COX-2 Inhibitors Vioxx and Celebrex: Keep Staying Away
    • Consumer Product Safety Commission Finally Sees the Light on Lead in Candles
    • Outrage: A Discussion of Misleading Drug Ads

    February 2001, V17#2

    • Unhealthy Partnership: How Massachusetts and Its Managed Care Contractor Shortchange Troubled Children
    • Bad Policy, Worse Medicine
    • Let the ‘Non-Governments' Beware: Multinational Organizations Are Out to Co-opt You and Your Tactics
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: None of Your Business

    January 2001, V17#1

    • FDA Fails to Get the Point on Safe Needles for Health Care Workers
    • Sex Education Information on the Internet: Caveat Emptor!
    • Product Recalls
    • Volume Index, 2000 and Cumulative Alphabetic Index
    • Outrage: FDA Accuses Red Cross of Jeopardizing the Safety of the Blood Supply

    December 2000, V16#12

    • Is U.S. Health Really the Best in the World?
    • Osteoporosis
    • A Better Quality Alternative: Single Payer National Health Reform
    • Medical Fluoroscopy: Radiation-induced Skin Injury
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: America's Ailing Medical Education System

    November 2000, V16#11

    • Review of Calcium Supplements; Ads Exaggerate Differences
    • Long-Acting Calcium Channel Blockers Inferior to Older Blood Pressure
    • Lowering Drugs in Preventing Heart Attacks and Heart Failure
    • When is a Patient Group Not a Patient Group?
    • Product Recalls
    • Television and Obese Children: A Strong Connection
    • Sitting Backwards is Safer
    • HRG Petitions the FDA to Ban Dangerous Diet and Cough/Cold Drugs in Over-the Counter Products
    • Outrage: "Too Much Corporate Power"

    October 2000, V16#10

    • Epilepsy
    • How To Report Adverse Reactions to the Food and Drug Administration
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Victimizing the Vulnerable

    September 2000, V16#9

    • 20,125 Questionable Doctors
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Human Experimentation for Profit

    August 2000, V16#8

    • The Pharmaceutical Industry--To Whom is It Accountable?
    • Hundreds of Thousands of Workers at Risk from Hexavalent Chromium, Study Obtained Through FOIA Shows
    • Product Recalls
    • Report Estimates Air Lead Levels from Some Candle Wicks at Up to 36 Times EPA Standards
    • The Risks of Tranquility
    • Outrage: Erroneous and Misleading Reports in Media About Prescription Drugs

    July 2000, V16#7

    • Patients' Rights Bills
    • Bereavement
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Inspector General's Study on Human Experimentation

    June 2000, V16#6

    • Kids First? How Vaccination Politics Can Undermine Public Health
    • Product Recalls
    • eLetter Web Site Launched on Drugs for the Seriously Mentally Ill
    • Doctors or Nurses - Does it Really Make a Difference?
    • Summer: How to Protect Yourself
    • Dangerous Gap in the Drug Safety System
    • Canadian Update on the Drug Celecoxcib (CELEBREX) Confirms HRG Warning
    • Outrage: Mother Dies, But Son Can't Get Explanation Because Her Doctor Won't OK Inquiry's Disclosure

    May 2000, V16#5

    • Ranking of State Medical Board Disciplinary Actions in 1999
    • Do Not Use This Drug: Propulsid Withdrawn from the Market
    • Product Recalls
    • Loyalty in Government Service - to Whom?
    • Reducing Dangers to Pregnant Women
    • Outrage: Drkoop.CON: America's Family Doctor and his Conflicts of Interest, Part II

    April 2000, V16#4

    • Safety Alert! It Is Better to Curse the Darkness Than to Light This Kind of Candle
    • St. John's Wort: A Growing List of Harmful Drug Interactions
    • Medicare: Few Beneficiaries Use Colorectal Cancer Screening and Diagnostic Services
    • Product Recalls
    • Patients, Doctors Not Warned of Dangers of New Diabetes Drugs
    • Outrage: Health News Feels the Censor's Knife

    March 2000, V16#3

    • Survey of Doctor Disciplinary Information on State Medical Board Web Sites
    • Untested Herbs and Food Supplements for Pregnant Women Making the FDA Retract its Dangerous Regulation
    • Product Recalls
    • New Concerns About Menopausal Hormones and Breast Cancer
    • Outrage: The Unkindest Cut of All: Unnecessary Episiotomies

    February 2000, V16#2

    • Managed Costs, Mismanaged Care
    • Primary Care in the United States - The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
    • Trust Me, I'm a Patient
    • Hollywood Hails a Tobacco Whistle Blower
    • Product Recalls
    • Debate on FDA's Recent Decision on Herbal Products
    • Outrage: Flu Epidemic May Be Just a Flu Advertisement

    January 2000, V16#1

    • Wrong Prescription: Bill Bradley's Health Plan is No Cure
    • For-Profit Kidney Dialysis Centers Compromise Kidney Care
    • Point/Counterpoint: Is it Ethical to Pay Research Subjects Large Sums?
    • Product Recalls
    • Health Letter Volume Index for 1999 and Cumulative Index for 1985-1999
    • Outrage: Study Shows Widespread Medical Errors

    December 1999, V15#12

    • ‘Hope Lodge' Movement Offers Hope to Cancer Patients Away from Home
    • Medical Merger
    • Product Recalls
    • The Grass Really is Greener to the North
    • Important Safety Reminder - Reye's Syndrome and Aspirin
    • Some More Questions About Your HMOs
    • The Science of Arresting Human Intelligence Long Enough to Get Money from It
    • Outrage: Milton, Matthew and Managed Care

    November 1999, V15#11

    • Losing Weight: The Truth is Hard to Swallow
    • Product Recalls
    • Another Medical Myth Laid to Rest
    • Outrage: Bradley and Gore Rehash Stale Ideas

    October 1999, V15#10

    • Clinton Administration Scuttles Worker Protections
    • An Interview with Breastfeeding Advocate and Formula Fighter Bobbi Philipp, M.D.
    • "Try It, You'll Like It" - For a Hefty Price: The Drugmaker's Scam on the Public
    • When Money is the Mission - The High Costs of Investor-Owned Care
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Doctors and Rexall Combine to Push Worthless Dietary Supplements to Patients

    September 1999, V15#9

    • Fraudulent Health Claims: Don't Be Fooled
    • Product Recalls
    • Off-Label Dangers
    • Young Children Continue to Die Unnecessarily on U.S. Farms
    • Outrage: Pfizer Caught Trying to Subvert National Guidelines for Treating Children's Ear Infections

    August 1999, V15#8

    • Below the Beltway
    • Second Opinion: Temptation Makes a House Call
    • Product Recalls
    • Health Talk: Doctors Online
    • Worse Quality Medical Care in For-Profit HMOs Than in Not-for-Profits
    • Outrage: Dr. Koop: Part I

    July 1999, V15#7

    • Preventing Heat-Induced Death and Illness
    • The Wild, Wild Web
    • Safety of Speedy FDA Drug Approval Being Questioned
    • Asleep on the Job
    • Product Recalls
    • Workplace Deaths: Where is the Federal Prosecution of Employers?
    • Outrage: Star Wars and Drugs

    June 1999, V15#6

    • Public Citizen's Health Research Group Petitions the FDA to Revise Labeling on the Breast Cancer Drug Tamoxifen (NOLVADEX)
    • In the Public Interest
    • In Memoriam: John O. Nestor, M.D.
    • Product Recalls
    • Dangerous Drug Information on the Internet from Aetna/US Healthcare and Johns Hopkins
    • Outrage: Prescription Drug Profiles --- Accessible to All?

    May 1999, V15#5

    • Public Citizen's Health Research Group Ranking of State Medical Board Disciplinary Actions in 1998
    • International Research Ethics Code Under Siege
    • Notes from Sidney Wolfe's Mom
    • Nurses, Patients and Managed Care
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: The Troglitzone (Rezulin) Safety Meeting

    April 1999, V16#4

    • Adverse Drug Reactions
    • Crazy About Sex [Problems]
    • Preventing Osteoporosis, Falls and Fractures in Older Adults
    • Medicare Must Cover Prescription Drugs and Control Prices
    • The ACLU's Tobacco Addiction, Continued
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Lessons from the George Lundberg Firing

    March 1999, V15#3

    • The New Edition of Worst Pills, Best Pills
    • Serious Health Insurance Problems
    • Exhaustion that Kills
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: The FDA and Abbott Are Comfortable

    February 1999, V15#2

    • "Going Bare": Uninsured Portion of U.S. Population Is Growing Rapidly, Survey Discloses
    • The Drug Approval Process
    • Product Recalls
    • A Dirty Little Secret: Managed Care is Bad of Business
    • Outrage: One More Hoax: The Neediest Would Get No Benefit from Clinton's Proposed Tax Credit

    January 1999, V15#1

    • FDA Medical Officers Report Lower Standards Permit Dangerous Drug Approvals
    • Healthy Patients and Wealthy HMO Stockholders: An Impossible Mix
    • Product Recalls
    • Health Letter Volume Indices, 1997 and 1998
    • Health Letter Cumulative Alphabetical Index
    • Outrage: Andy Rooney: The Tobacco Deal

    December 1998, V14#12

    • FDA's Controversial Decision: Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) Approved to Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer HMO Medicare Crisis: Is Health Insurance for the Elderly on the Way Out?
    • Just Health Care
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: The ACLU's Tobacco Addiction

    November 1998, V14#11

    • Inequities Documented in Medicare's Kidney Transplant Program
    • Effects of Anti-theft and Metal Detector Systems on Some Medical Devices
    • The Pitfalls of Untested "Alternative Medicine" Remedies
    • Product Recalls
    • What Role for Chiropractic in Health Care
    • Outrage: Number of Americans Without Health Insurance Jumps to 43.2 Million

    October 1998, V14#10

    • U.S. Multinational Tobacco Companies' Double Standards Exposed
    • Health Letter 10 Years Ago
    • Product Recalls
    • Don't be a Casualty on the Information Super Highway
    • Major Access Barriers Identified in 10-State Health Insurance Study
    • Outrage: Merck Drug, Mark McGwire and Barbecue

    September 1998, V14#9

    • Toward Universal Coverage
    • Breast Implants: The Debate Continues
    • Which Side of the Street is the AMA Working?
    • International Comparison of Drug Prices
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Maliciously Blurring the Line Between News and Advertising

    August 1998, V14#8

    • Public Citizen's HRG Petitions the FDA about Sildenafil (Viagra)
    • Product Recalls
    • Focus: Rush to Market
    • Medical Horror Stories: A Sign of a Health Care System in Crisis

    July 1998, V14#7

    • Worst and Best Types of HMOs
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Dangers to Participants in Human Experimentation

    June 1998, V14#6

    • Cataracts In Adults: A Patient's Guide
    • Cataract Surgery Is This Trip Really Necessary?
    • Product Recalls
    • Preventing Heat-Induced Death and Illness
    • Doctors Need Patient's Help to Report Adverse Reactions to Drugs and Devices
    • Outrage: High-Heeled Shoes -- An Important Health Hazard

    May 1998, V14#5

    • Public Citizen Health Research Group Ranking of State Medical Board
    • Disciplinary Actions in 1997
    • Dozens of Thai Infants Were Needlessly Infected with HIV in Unethical U.S. Govt-Funded Study
    • Product Recalls
    • Making A Difference: Can One Lone Consumer Persuade a Major Pharmaceutical Company to Change and Improve its Product?
    • Call For a Doctor! And Call...and Call...and Call
    • Switching Sides
    • Outrage: American Cancer Society and American Health Association

    April 1998, V14#4

    • Prescription for Privacy
    • Private Care in Canada
    • Product Recalls
    • Aging and Your Eyes
    • Outrage: Questionable Doctors in Your HMO

    March 1998, V14#3

    • 16, 638 Questionable Doctors
    • Health Insurance: Physical Abnormalities as Barriers to Treatment
    • Product Recalls
    • Access to Health Care: Some Nibbles and a Bite
    • Criminalizing Medical Malpractice
    • Is It Time to Quit the AMA?
    • Nutri/System Diet Clinics -- Dealing Diet Drugs

    February 1998, V14#2

    • Powdered Latex Gloves Pose Serious Risk
    • An Appreciation: Esther Peterson 1906-1997
    • Product Recalls
    • Grim Details Under the Headlines
    • First, Do No Harm (Pending Prior Approval)
    • Unproven "Anti-Aging" Hormones Promise Youth
    • Bone Up! Choose Foods that are High in Calcium
    • Outrage: Direct-to-Consumer Hucksterism

    January 1998, V14#1

    • Hospital Emergency Rooms and Patient Dumping
    • For Patients, Not Profits
    • Product Recalls
    • Bugs Causing Food Poisoning
    • Health Letter Indexes
    • Outrage: There They Go Again: The Joint Commission Protects Potentially Dangerous Hospitals

    December 1997, V13#12

    • Long-Term Care Insurance: To Buy or Not To Buy, That is the Question
    • Who Poisoned the Children?
    • Stings and Strings: One Couple's Struggle with a Health Plan's Gatekeepers
    • Qui Tam: "Whistle-Blower" Lawsuits Recover Government Health Care Dollars
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: The "Benefits" of Sterility-Causing Chemicals in the Workplace?

    November 1997, V13#11

    • Stadol -- User Beware
    • FTC Consumer Alert; Paunch Lines: Weight Loss Claims Are No Joke for Dieters
    • FDA Alerts: The Stimulator; Home-Use Test Kits
    • First, Do Nothing: Harvard Docs Announce "HMO Black"
    • Product Recalls
    • Managed Care: Doctors' Perspectives
    • Outrage: Columbia/HCA's Response to a Patient's Death: "You Know, We All Are Going to Die"

    October 1997, V13#10

    • Experts Urge Steps to Stem Antibiotic Resistance
    • Budget Balancing: Medicare Savings, Medicaid Savings, and Other Shenanigans
    • Prescription for Trouble
    • If you Thought Our Health Care System Was Doing O.K., Note Some Contributions from Our Readers
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: "Whistle-Blower" Lawsuits Continue to Recover Millions of Health Care Dollars for the Government

    September 1997, V13#9

    • HMO's Arbitration Process Provides Delay, Not Justice
    • The HMO That Ate the High School
    • Managed Care vs. Medical Care
    • Protecting the Corporate Bottom Line: The Narrow Therapeutic Index (NTI)
    • Drug Scam
    • Health Risks of the Internet
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: AMASCAM

    August 1997, V13#8

    • Health Care, Will Care Be There?
    • The Politics of Mammography
    • Abnormal Moles Found to Increase Risk for Melanoma
    • Hormones: Correction and Additions
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Booze, Pool and (??) School

    July 1997, V13#7

    • Physicians Disciplined for Sex-Related Offenses
    • Long Term Care: Who Pays? The New Laws
    • Doctor-Run HMOs
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Another Insurance Company Story

    June 1997, V13#6

    • Sometimes Mother Nature Knows Best
    • Snapshots of Our Health Care System
    • Physician-Induced Hospitalization
    • Drugs: Over-the-Counter and On the Street
    • Product Recalls
    • Outrage: Halt 'Unethical' HIV Experiments Abroad Public Citizen Exhorts HHS Head Shalala

    May 1997, V13#5

    • Ranking of State Medical Licensing Boards -- 1996
    • Growing Number of Investigations Focus on Questionable Practices by Columbia/HCA
    • Health Care: Coping with Terminal Illness: A Personal Perspective
    • Product Recalls
    • Medigap Insurance: Consumer Choice, Consumer Dilemma
    • Outrage: Idaho: Dangerous Delays in Doctor Discipline

    April 1997, V13#4

    • For-Profit Hospitals Costlier, Less Efficient and Spend Less on Patient Care
    • Qui-Tam Lawsuits Recover Millions of Health Care Dollars for the Government
    • Study Finds High Incidence of Serious Errors in Hospitals
    • Frequently Asked Questions About Health Care
    • Product Recalls
    • Diversity in Doctors Providing Quality and Accessible Care for All
    • Birth Control Pills and Emergency Contraception
    • Outrage: Another Chicken Guarding Another Group of Foxes

    March 1997, V13#3

    • Annotation: Patients on the Auction Block
    • HMO: Managed or Mangled?
    • Product Recalls
    • Mergers, Buyouts: A Tale of Three Cities
    • Pet Cemetery?
    • Outrage: The Health Insurance Industry's Dirty Little Secret

    February 1997, V13#2

    • License to Steal: Why Fraud Plagues America's Health Care System
    • Michigan Orders Golden Rule to Issue Refunds
    • A Tragic Insulin Overdose
    • Diabetes: Insurance Coverage
    • The Changing Ways of the HMO Industry: Staff-and Group-Model HMOs Are Finding It Harder to Compete
    • Medical Discipline: Shroud of Secrecy
    • Welcome to Managed Caring®
    • Median Income for Doctors Hits $160,000 in 1995
    • Consumer Product Safety Alert
    • Food Labeling: Consumer Alert
    • Outrage: California HMO Fined $500,000 for Failing to Refer Patient to Specialist

    January 1997, V13#1

    • Book Review: How HMOs Are Destroying Medical Trust
    • Do Not Ask for Whom the HMOs Merge...
    • Drug Recalls
    • Health Letter Indexes: Volume Index 1995 and 1996; Cumulative Subject Index
    • Outrage: There are Few Willing to Fight the Rampaging HMO Monsters

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